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Universo David Lynch
Universo David Lynch
24 August 2021

From love, time and love, but I cannot, which flooded the universe of Wong Kar-wai to the delicious surrealism that sweeps and reigns in the Lynch Universe.

We will take advantage of the 20th anniversary of ‘Mulholland Drive’ to immerse ourselves and delve into the particular and unique imaginary of David Lynch.

8 films, a passport, some presentations and two months in which we will try to understand how the head of a genius as successful as he is misunderstood works. The dream and the reality, the unfolding, the music and the surrealism. Disturbing images capable of hopelessly trapping us in his particular universe.

We started with the screening of ‘Mulholland Drive’ by one of the greatest admirers of the Montana genius, Jaume Carrió.

Here we leave you the programming and the days of projection:

Mulholland Drive: June 11-17 (a daily screening throughout the week). Friday 11 colloquium and presentation with Jaume Carrió. You can buy your ticket here.

Erasing head: June 20 and 22. Colloquium with Noel Ceballos on the 20th.

The Elephant Man: June 27 and 29

Blue velvet: July 04 and 06. Speaker to be confirmed.

Wild Heart: July 11-13

Twin Peaks: Fire Walks With Me: July 18-20. Speaker to be confirmed.

Lost Highway: August 08 and 10.

A true story: August 15 and 17. Colloquium with Víctor Navarro on August 15.

The price of the tickets will be 7€ for ordinary tickets and 4€ for members. 

You can buy your passport at the CineCiutat box office for the cycle, 48€ general and 28€ for members.