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2001: Ara que fa 20 anys - El hijo de la novia
2001: Ara que fa 20 anys - El hijo de la novia
7 May 2021

What is promised is debt.

Every first Friday of the month we will play with the passage of time to agree with the great Carlos Gardel: that twenty years is nothing.

After the premiere with Millennium Actress, next Friday, May 7 at 8.15 pm, it is the turn of Juan José Campanella and that marvel called The Son of the Bride.

Believe it or not, twenty years ago we had the certainty that we were witnessing the best declaration of love ever shot:

"She told everyone that, she took them to the best table, and they all believed it because if she took you, it was the best table. She made you feel like you were the only one."

Darín, Alterio and Leandro.

Let the wedding season begin!

Remember that the ticket prices are as follows:

- € 6 the Ordinary.

- € 4 for CineCiutat members.

- € 2 for those born in 2001.

You can reserve your ticket in the following link.