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Comédie française: El enfermo imaginario
Comédie française: El enfermo imaginario
16 May 2021

The theater on the big screen closes this year's program with the latest play by the great playwright Molière. The session will be on Sunday, May 16 at 8:15 p.m.

Argán thinks he is very sick and cannot live without being surrounded by doctors. In order to have one in her family that will save her the enormous amount of money she spends on her cures, medicines and potions, she does not hesitate to arrange a marriage of convenience between her daughter Angelica and the son of Dr. Diafoirus. But Angelica has met young Cleanto, has fallen madly in love with him and is not willing to marry Tomás Diafoirus.

Standard: € 13.00
CineCiutat members: € 9.00
Less than 14 years: € 8.00
Students: € 10.00.

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