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Birds Flying East
Pau Durà (2024)
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  • Title: Birds Flying East
  • Original Title: Pájaros
  • Country: España
  • Screening date: 05/04/2024
  • Spanish distributor: FILMAX
  • Direction: Pau Durà
  • Script: Pau Durà, Ana M. Peiró
  • Cast: Javier Gutiérrez, Luis Zahera
  • Rating: NR-12

Colombo works at a 24-hour parking lot and tops up his measly wages by selling weed. Mario is a lawyer and a keen birdwatcher, but unfortunately for him, he is unable to drive due to a past accident. Mario offers to pay Colombo to drive him from Valencia to a lake in the Costa Brava (Spain), where he wants to see some cranes. When they reach the lake, the lawyer tells him that the birds have changed their migratory route and are now going to nest in the Danube delta in Constanza (Romania). Mario needs to get there and Colombo needs the money. Neither of them is aware of the other´s story, but at that moment, a new and definitive journey starts for both of them.