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Sobre todo de noche
Víctor Iriarte (2023)
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  • Title: Sobre todo de noche
  • Original Title: Sobre todo de noche
  • Country: España
  • Screening date: 01/12/2023
  • Spanish distributor: Atalante
  • Direction: Víctor Iriarte
  • Script: Isa Campo, Andrea Queralt, Víctor Iriarte
  • Cast: Ana Torrent, Lola Dueñas, María Vázquez
  • Rating: NR12

When Vera (Lola Dueñas) was young, she could not take care of her son and had to give him up for adoption. Years later, when she wanted to know if everything had gone well, the institutions told her that her file did not exist. Since then she continues looking for her son. When Cora (Ana Torrent) was young, her doctor told her that she could not have children and that the only way to start a family was to adopt. Cora has dedicated her life to teaching piano lessons and taking care of her adopted son Egoz, who is about to turn 18. Now, the paths of these three characters - a mother, a son, a mother - are about to cross. And this meeting will change their destinies forever.