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Un amor
Isabel Coixet (2023)
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  • Title: Un amor
  • Original Title: Un amor
  • Country: España
  • Screening date: 26/01/2024
  • Producer: Monte Glauco AIE, Buena Pinta Media, Perdición Films, Movistar+, RTVE, TV3
  • Spanish distributor: Bteam
  • Direction: Isabel Coixet
  • Script: Isabel Coixet, Laura Ferrero
  • Cast: Laia Costa, Hovik Keuchkerian, Hugo Silva, Luis Bermejo

Having escaped from her stressful life in the city, 30-year-old Nat holes up in the small village of La Escapa, in deepest rural Spain. In a rundown country house, with a crochety stray dog, the young girl will try to put her life back on track. Having dealt with her landlord’s hostility and the mistrust of the village locals, Nat finds herself accepting a disturbing sexual proposal made by her neighbour Andreas. This strange and confusing encounter will give rise to an all-consuming and obsessive passion that will completely engulf Nat and make her question the kind of woman she thinks she is.