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Valeria Stucki (2024)
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  • Title: Zimmerwald
  • Original Title: Zimmerwald
  • Country: Suiza
  • Screening date: 18/05/2024
  • Direction: Valeria Stucki
  • Script: Valeria Stucki, Antonio Trullén Funcia, Valérie Poirier

World War I. When Lenin and Trotsky met in the remote Swiss village of Zimmerwald, it was not, as they led people to believe, to watch birds. The secret conference was a call for an alliance of the workers of the whole world against the war. The conference became a myth in the Soviet Union, but was deliberately forgotten by the people where it took place. Now, more than a hundred years later, a group of pupils from the Zimmerwald grammar school set out to rediscover it, guiding us through the meanders of forgetfulness and memory that history is made of.