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‘Communicate culture to everyone, without distinction of race or categories’

These are not good times for poetry (oh, if it only was for poetry!), We know it, but to know it and -many more times than we would like to- to suffer from it, doesn’t mean we assume it and let alone resign ourselves.

In its first meaning, justice gives, or at least tries to, to each his due or belonging. Unfortunately, ‘It’s not fair!’ is a phrase that has been installed in our language and in our lives and it is difficult, but not complicated, to get rid of it. Therefore, and after a long time of wishing and sleepless nights, we decided to take a step forward, to stop worrying in order to begin to get busy and try to make everyone who embraces culture as a way of life to have access to it. In this way, the solidarity seat was born.

5€. That’s what you need to pay admission from someone who, like you, feels great emotion when the theater lights are turned off; who, like you, suffers, enjoys and lives for two hours from other people’s shoes; who, like you, feel (the) CINEMA.

Please, select how many tickets you want to donate:

‘You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…until you climb in his skin and walk around in it’ said Atticus Finch. Shall we begin?

If you are motivated to collaborate and give away a ticket (or as many as you want), you can do it both at the box office as well as through the donate buttons in our website. We want to thank Caixa Colonya for its fantastic initial contribution and making things so easy for us; to Montesión and Can Gazà for putting an effort and be the first lucky ones; to you, who read us and that’s the first step.

If you are an association or organization and think we can work together, contact us at: