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17 January 2024

With regards -exclusively- to the cinematographic year, 2023 has once again been a great period for Spanish cinema.

Just to mention a few moments: we have been excited by the return of Víctor Erice and getting to know what that misterious comedian called Eugenio was hiding behind his sunglasses and an orange vodka. We have danced to the sound of Pucho's ambition and Trueba's bossa nova. And we have also shivered with the female rawness told by two perspectives as different as that of Elena Martín Gimeno or Isabel Coixet. The national production has triumphed in the most important film festivals in the world, such as Berlin, Cannes, San Sebastián and Venice. And, on top of that, it has once again filled the cinemas with more than 13 million visitors. Being this given, of course we had to organize, one more year, our already traditional Goya 2024 series.

Between 19th January and 9th February at CineCiutat. , ten of the titles with the most nominations in this edition will return to the big screen. Every Friday we will review some of the nominees for best fiction film; on Tuesday, the best animated film and the best documentary film on Thursday.

This is the complete list of Goya candidates that we will see:

Best Film (Friday):

19/01: Close Your Eyes

26/01: Un amor

02/02: Saben aquell

09/02: 20.000 Species of Bees

Best Animated Film (Tuesday):

23/01: They Shot the Piano Player

30/01: Sultana's Dream

06/02: Robot Dreams

Best Documentary (Thursday):

25/01: This Excessive Ambition

01/02: With you, with you and without me

08/02: As long as it's you. The here and now of Carme Elías