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Dorothea on the Rocks
Marta Hierro, Nuria Abad (2023)
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  • Title: Dorothea on the Rocks
  • Original Title: Dorothea on the Rocks
  • Country: España
  • Screening date: 19/09/2023
  • Producer: Mom Works, IB3
  • Direction: Marta Hierro, Nuria Abad
  • Script: Marta Hierro, Núria Abad
  • Cast: Alexandra Palomo

Premiere of the short film version of the upcoming IB3 animated series Dorothea on the Rocks.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, few women dared to challenge social norms and travel the world alone. Dorothea Bate did so: she travelled the Mediterranean in search of fossils of extinct animals, becoming an internationally recognized paleontologist.

Dorothea on the Rocks is an animated miniseries and also a short film that follows Bate's adventures from one place to another around the world, facing great difficulties and dangers. Along her journey, Dorothea will not only discover unbelivable animals, but she will also make friends, be on the verge of losing her life, and face whoever is necessary to achieve her goals.