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Out! in short - Documental
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  • Title: Out! in short - Documental
  • Screening date: 22/09/2023

Short documentary film session. The jury votes for the best documentary short.

Overwhelmed. Pedro Varea and Marta Abascal. 15'. Spain, 2022. Three drag queens and two fashion designers prepare for a photo session in the dressing room, where they talk about fashion, drag and dissident realities. A showcase for humor and reflection that develops, above all, without hair on the tongue. Premiere in the Balearic Islands.

Two Hearts. Cristina Herrero Laborda. 19'. Spain, 2022. Mari is an intersex person who incorporates two worldviews. Warrior and brave, her life has been a constant battle in an almost depopulated rural area. From sincerity, she narrates his day to day, her longings, illusions and anxieties. Premiere in the Balearic Islands.

DragA2. Susana Macedo. 7'. Spain, 2023. Christian and Mega-i explain how the drag scene has evolved in recent years. Through their personal experiences, their challenges and successes reflect the importance of drag art as a form of expression and empowerment for the LGTBQ community. Premiere in Spain.

Genesis. Ester Moyá. 36'. Spain - Mallorca, 2023. Isaac has been on hormonal treatment for eight months. Through three chapters and four conversations, he tells his change process and reflects on what it is to be trans.

Michelle. Michelle Nou. 9'. Argentina, 2023. Michelle reflects on her childhood and films her daily experience regarding her recently assumed gender identity, while preparing to compete in the Hands Performance Ballroom category. Premiere in the Balearic Islands.