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Memoria negra. La desaparición de Malén Zoe Ortiz
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  • Title: Memoria negra. La desaparición de Malén Zoe Ortiz
  • Original Title: Memòria negra. La desaparició de Malen Zoe Ortiz
  • Country: España
  • Screening date: 02/12/2023

On December 2, 2013, Malén Zoe Ortiz Rodríguez disappeared without a trace when she was on her way to her partner's home, located in the town of Son Ferrer, Mallorca. The latest news from Malén places her in the vicinity of the Sa Porrassa farm, when a security camera located in a nursery recorded the young woman on her way to Son Ferrer. Large investigation teams acted in the area and nearby, carrying out searches through open fields, abandoned farms, along the coast... but the young woman was never located. During the investigation, several hypotheses were established: a homeless person was suspected, and that the young woman's disappearance could be a kidnapping, until her voluntary disappearance. Despite the tireless work of the police and Malén's family, today the disappearance of the young woman continues to be one of the great mysteries to be solved in the history of the Balearic Islands.

10 years after her disappearance, CineCiutat hosts this event of memory organized by Malén's mother, Natalia Rodríguez, with the support of the Quién Sabe Dónde Global Foundation. Its founder, the journalist Paco Lobatón, will connect electronically to participate in a discussion after viewing the report, in which he will discuss issues such as the course of life of the families of the long-term missing, and the role of the media in covering these cases.